About Inside the Bell

Inside the Bell solicits considered and well written discussions on almost any topic from almost anyone who has something to say and is looking for a place to say it.  Inside the Bell is not a Blog in the current sense of the word.  Most submissions take the form of opinion editorial essays as you might find in a newspaper.  If Blog is an abbreviation for Web Log then Inside the Bell might be referred to as a Bop-ed.

Inside the Bell does not promote any political position although individuals who submit essays may.  No topic or political opinion is unacceptable unless, in the opinion of the editors, it is so far outside the norm to be offensive to most individuals.

Inside the Bell is an edited site and may not publish every submission received.  Reasons for non-publication include inappropriate language, improper characterization of individuals or organizations, or abuse of the English language beyond what can be corrected by reasonable editing.  All submissions will be confirmed by email and editorial changes approved by the submitter before publication.

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