Bill of Responsibilities

The United States of America may be unique among the civilizations that have existed on Earth.  By many standards it is a young civilization and by others, very old.  Its very existence rests on a Constitutional foundation that, in total, consists of approximately 4600 words that can be printed on a half dozen pages.  It may be the shortest Constitution ever written and the most inspired.  The Constitution defines the structure of the government of the United States, and the duties of the three branches created.  It defines a single crime — Treason.  The Constitution is clearly written and available to everyone.  Compare this to the Constitution of the European Union, which consists of over 160,000 words of complex legal language not easily understood by the general population.

While the Constitution defines the functions of the three branches of government and the rights of the citizens and States are defined in the Bill of Rights, nowhere are the responsibilities of the Congress and citizens defined.

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